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Senior Research Fellowships

Escrito por NOGP/aip  em 8 de Janeiro de 2019

Senior Research Fellowships support independent researchers who want to tackle the most important questions in science and who are leaders in their field.

Scheme at a glance

  • Career stage: Leading a research programme
  • Where your host organisation is based: UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- or middle-income countries
  • Type of researcher: BasicClinical, Public health;
  • Level of funding: Salary and research expenses covered;
  • Duration of funding: Up to 7 years (after this you can apply for one renewal of up to 5 years with 50% of your salary covered by us);
  • The fellowship may be held on a part-time basis.

The award includes:


Wellcome Trust

Prazo de inscrição

quinta-feira, 28 de Fevereiro de 2019 às 13:59 (-18 dias restantes)

Critérios de elegibilidade



  1. You can apply for a Senior Research Fellowship if you’re already leading your own independent research programme. The programme of work you propose must be innovative and ambitious.
  2. You should have a higher degree (PhD or equivalent) and significant research experience.
  3. You should be able to show:
  • your work is important, original and has impact;
  • you have made important contributions to your area of research, eg publications, patents, software development or an impact on health policy or practice;
  • you are developing an international reputation as a research leader in your field;
  • you’re committed to developing and mentoring less experienced researchers.
  1. You must have sponsorship from a head of department or equivalent at an eligible host organisation. Your host organisation must be located in one of the following: UK, Republic of Ireland, a low- or middle-income country(only nationals of low- or middle-income countries have this third option).
  2. If you hold, or have held, a senior fellowship supported by another funding body, you can apply for a Senior Research Fellowship of up to 5 years (not 7 years). You will need a 50% salary contribution from your host organisation. After this, you can’t apply for a renewal. Please contact the relevant Science team to discuss this and to find out how to apply.
  3. If you’ve been away from research (eg for a career break, maternity leave, shared parental leave or long-term sick leave), we’ll allow for this when we consider your application.
  4. If you are a national of a low- or middle-income country and you propose to work in a low- or middle- income country, your research proposal must also focus on a health priority in that country.
  5. If you’re awarded this fellowship and you’re from outside the European Economic Area, and your host organisation is in the UK, you’re guaranteed an endorsement of a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa application.


All research proposals must:

  • be within our science remit
  • describe an innovative and ambitious programme of work
  • explain the approaches that will be used to deliver that programme of work
  • be distinct from activities already supported by other awards.

You must submit your application through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT).



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