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New Investigator Grants / Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK

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New Investigator Grants will support new researchers and academics at the start of their careers to become independent researchers through gaining experience of managing and leading research projects and teams. In addition, they will provide applicants with an opportunity not only to support their own skill development but also the skill development of research staff employed on the grant.

As with the Research Grants scheme, proposals could be for a range of activities such as standard research projects, surveys and other infrastructure projects and methodological developments. Proposals are welcomed across the full disciplinary range of the social sciences and at the interface with the wider sciences, however the social sciences must represent at least 50 per cent of the research focus and effort.

There are no fixed closing dates – you can submit proposals to the call at any time.

Grants can be for up to five years in duration (a five year grant would need a clear justification of the timeframe), and within an overall limit of £300,000 at 100 per cent full Economic Cost (fEC); ESRC’s contribution for UK applicants is 80 per cent of fEC.

We anticipate being able to fund up to around 30 to 35 grants a year subject to quality and available funds.


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Prazo de inscrição

domingo, 30 de junho de 2019 às 23:59 (104 dias restantes)

Critérios de elegibilidade

The call is open to high-quality candidates from anywhere in the world who have a maximum of four years’ postdoctoral experience and the support of an eligible UK research organisation.

New Investigator Grants are designed to allow newer researchers to gain experience of research leadership and management and to formulate their plans for their research careers.

The early career researcher must be the principal investigator on the proposal and must demonstrate how an award would have a demonstrable impact on their career progression in becoming an independent researcher.

Applicants who technically meet the eligibility criteria but hold a professorship will not be eligible to apply as there is an expectation that they have already obtained these research and management skills.

Co-investigators (Co-Is) are permitted on this call, and encouraged for interdisciplinary proposals or where a Co-I would provide specific technical expertise that is essential to the project. However, it must be clear that the PI is responsible for leading the project.

Associated studentships are not permitted on this call. However, applicants may wish to include provision for a research assistant(s). All requests for additional staff time, to develop staff management skills and assist in the completion of the proposed research project, must be fully justified.

Proposals are welcome in any topic which falls within the ESRC’s remit and can be for basic, applied or strategic research. We welcome interdisciplinary proposals and recognise that many of the most pressing research challenges are interdisciplinary in nature, both within the social sciences and between the social sciences and other areas of research. However, we also remain committed to the support of excellent research within a single discipline.

We strongly encourage you to read our guidance on how to write a good application for a full understanding of what is required, and the various stages of the application process, to maximise your chances of gaining an award.


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