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Bethânia Almeida

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A  sociologist, received her Doctorate Degree from the Collective Health Institute at the Federal University of Bahia, which included a period of study abroad at the Training and Guided Study (TAGS) program of the Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex). For six years she worked for NGOs in the areas of habitation, education and health in actions targeted towards vulnerable populations, and then began her career at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

In 2017 she was transferred to the Cidacs center and joined the Fiocruz Open Science Working Group, of which she remains a member. At Cidacs she is responsible for initiatives related to perspectives on Open Science. Research areas of study and interest: Data Management and Data Access with an emphasis on Open Science; Data-Intensive Scientific Research in Public Health; R&D in the Vaccine Sector; Science and Technology Policy.


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