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  • Responsible for preparing, approving and executing strategic planning; scheduling, monitoring and evaluating activities; approve operating and organizational standards; authorize the signing of agreements, contracts and agreements with public and private entities (national and international). The overall coordination is composed of the coordinator; representative of the Scientific Committee; representative of the Curatorship; representative of the Security Committee and representative of each nucleus.

  • Has an advisory and deliberative role regarding research activities. Its duties include: receiving projects related to CIDACS research axes; forward the projects to the researchers that are part of the scientific committee for evaluation and opinion about the relevance of the study proposals; grant authorization for the realization of projects within the scope of CIDACS; to pronounce on reports of research activities; systematize and disseminate information on publications regarding approved projects; evaluate about matters submitted to it by the Research Center. This Committee is composed of the Research Center coordinator and the CIDACS researchers and associated researchers.

    Regimento do Comitê Científico (pt_BR)

  • A technical, consultative and permanent structure, with the purpose of advising the Coordination of CIDACS on issues related to Information Security and coordinating the Incident Handling Team in Computational Networks (ETIR) for the development of policies and actions in the area of information security. It is composed by the Coordinator of Information Security; representative of the Scientific Committee; representative of the Curatorship and representative of each nucleus.

    Regimento do Comitê de Segurança da Informação – CSI (pt_BR)

  • Is responsible for the design, planning, execution and scientific production of research projects within the framework of CIDACS. Constituted by a coordinator and the researchers organized in their areas of study.

  • It is responsible for acting in a coordinated way to support the work activities of the CIDACS team, corroborating with the fulfillment of the objectives of the research projects, in a productive work environment and ensuring the proper functioning of CIDACS structures, articulated with the technical areas of the IGM. Constituted by the areas of Administration and Project Management; and Security and Information Technology.

    Regimento do Nucleo de Operacões (pt_BR)

  • Responsible for contributing with a wide range of perspectives and scientific experiences in support of strategic planning and sustainability. It is an independent structure, with the participation of partner institutions and public managers (national and foreign), researchers with expertise in the technical-scientific and management issues addressed by CIDACS. This Committee is initially composed of the Director of the Gonçalo Moniz Institute, representatives of the Institute of Collective Health / UFBA, Secretariat of Science and Technology of the State of Bahia, SENAI-CIMATEC, Ministry of Health and Ministry Social and Agrarian Development, University of Brasilia Foundation, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Glasgow, Farr Institute.

  • Digital Curatorship involves activities related to the collection, selection, archiving, maintenance and preservation of digital objects, with the main responsibility of managing the life cycle of all information collected (administrative and scientific databases) and generated in the scope of CIDACS. The Curator will be coordinated by the Curator, assisted by one or more Assistant Curators and / or auxiliary technicians, according to the size and specificity of the projects developed within CIDACS. A Curatorial Council will be convened whenever there is a need to discuss extraordinary issues regarding digital objects and is composed of the Curator, the Executive Coordinator and the representatives of the Scientific Committee, the Security Committee, the Data Production Center and a researcher with expertise on the issue to be examined.

    Regimento da Curadoria Digital

  • The Communication Center is responsible for the communication management, in line with the IGM / FIOCRUZ Communication Department. In this way, it acts in the management of the demands of the sector, planning and executing communication actions for the institutional activities, observing its areas of action: internal and institutional communication; events production; visual programming; public relations and the press.

    Regimento do Núcleo de Comunicação (pt_BR)

  • It is responsible for operating on all databases maintained in CIDACS, generating datasets for use by researchers and projects linked to CIDACS. In this way, it acts in the management of the data production demands of the center, elaborating and planning actions for linking of database in consonance with the Digital Curation and the Committee of Information Security.

    Regimento do Núcleo de Produção de Dados – NPD (pt_BR)

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