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CONFAP - CNPq: the UK Academies 2018 Fellowships, Research Mobility, and Young Investigator Awards for UK researchers in Brazil

Escrito por NOGP/aip  em 9 de Janeiro de 2019

Brazilian State Funding Agencies (FAPs), articulated by its National Council (CONFAP), and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) have launched a call for proposals offering support to researchers based in UK Universities and Research Institutions, who are willing to work in research institutions in Brazil, in collaboration with local  colleagues.

The Brazilian State Funding Agencies participants of this call for proposals are:
1. Fundação Araucária – Paraná;
2. FACEPE – Pernambuco
3. FAPDF – Distrito Federal;
4. FAPEAM – Amazonas;
5. FAPEG – Goiás;
6. FAPEMA – Maranhão;
7. FAPEMAT – Mato Grosso;
8. FAPEMIG – Minas Gerais;
9. FAPERJ – Rio de Janeiro;
10. FAPES – Espírito Santos;
11. FAPESC – Santa Catarina;
12. FAPESP – São Paulo;
13. FAPESPA – Pará;
14. FAPESQ – Paraíba;
15. FUNCAP – Ceará; and,
16. FUNDECT – Mato Grosso do Sul.

The call offers support for researchers in the UK through:
a) Fellowships;
b) Research Mobility Grants, and,
c) In the case of UK young researchers aiming at working in universities and research institutes in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, this call also offer the opportunity of Young Investigator Grants comprising a scholarship plus a research funding grant.

Selection criteria

All applications will be assessed through a peer review process based on the following criteria:
a) The quality of the proposed research project.
b) The record of accomplishment of the applicants, and the host organization in the area of proposed research.
c) The expected benefits for the career development of the Applicant.
d) The record of accomplishment and suitability of the Brazilian-based co-applicant and Brazilian host organization in the area of proposed research.
e) The additional benefits for the Brazilian based Co-applicant and host organization.
f) Evidence that the support will lead to a long-term collaboration beyond the tenure of the award.

These activities are under the auspice of the Newton Fund, an initiative that aims to develop the long-term sustainable growth and welfare of partner countries through building research, innovation capacities, and is part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance commitment. These awards offer an opportunity for the UK researcher to develop the strengths and
capabilities of their research groups through training, collaboration and reciprocal visits with partners in some of the best research groups in Brazil.



Prazo de inscrição

segunda-feira, 25 de Março de 2019 às 10:59 (0 dias restantes)

Critérios de elegibilidade


a) The applicants must hold a PhD degree:
a.1) Young researchers are considered to hold a PhD degree from 2 years to 7 years;
a.2) Senior researchers must hold a PhD degree for over 7 years;

b) The applicants must have a Brazilian-based collaborator as their co-applicant (host researcher);

c) The applicants must hold a permanent academic post or postdoctoral fellowship/position in the UK which extends beyond the period of the requested grant;

d) UK researchers from the natural sciences, engineering, medical sciences (including clinical or patient-oriented research), social sciences and humanities fields, are eligible to apply for support;

e) Some FAPs may have their own Guidelines associated to this Announcement. Interested parties are advised to consult their supporting FAP before preparing a proposal;

f) The CNPq support is directed to the mobility of British applicants to the States where the FAPs who are members of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 22nd September 2017, however it is not mentioned as participating FAP on this activity;

g) Proposals from the co-applicants that will request the support of CNPq must follow the rules and inform the value of the support defined by this Institution;

h) The application form must be filled in English and the budget detail must be informed in Brazilian Reais (R$).

How to apply

  1. For researchers outside the State of São Paulo applications are available at:
  2. Researchers from the State of São Paulo, or Young Investigators from the UK aiming at receiving funds from FAPESP to work in a university or research institute in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, must send proposals directly to FAPESP. Please follow the specific guidelines for FAPESP at 


Brazilian State Funding Agencies (FAPs)


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